Material: epoxy resin

Colour: cream/sand

Thickness 5 - 7 mm

Average dimensions:

35 cm wide

30 cm tall

20cm deep

(all modeled from 35x55cm resin sheets)

Designed as wall mount applique.

Wall mount: complete with everything ready for installation (E27 porcelain lamp holders, large


Measurements: Width: 12cm Height: 9cm

Lightbulb included (for 220V)

used light source:

warm led (3000k) 3w

Each is a unique piece.

Concave | Convex is a collection made pushing geometric objects from the inside or the outside. To make these prototypes the process #3 was used.

“Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light and shade reveal these forms; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the great primary forms which light reveals to advantage; the image of these is distinct and tangible within us without ambiguity. It is for this reason that these are beautiful forms, the most beautiful forms” – Le Corbusier