These drawings show the space inside and outside the body. The skin - the outer layer - merges with the other lines and becomes almost impossible to be identified. Only those who have a predisposition for spatial observation, or those who want to count the layers like calculating the age of trees, can distinguish the figures. From far away they look like dark spots. Approaching them the lines become visible, like a fingerprint and then, only with time, the subjects represented 

become clear. 

The lines external to the body tend to become round and if they continue to grow, they would turn into almost perfect circles.

Internal lines, on the other hand, create angles. With these drawings we understand the influence that every small movement can have on the peripheral space.

A project entirely made in San Francisco.

Each of the 24 boxes contains the kit to make concentric drawings like those of the artist. In addition to the perforated circles with increasing diameter, to use for the concentric lines making, there are also the silhouettes of the ten poses of Surya Namaskara yoga, the Sun Salutation.

This box looks like a game in every way. There is no reference to the artist except the one hidden in the title itself. On the side faces of the box there is a bar code that hides the characters of the true title of the work, a QR code that refers to an illustrative video on how to use the set, as well as an explanation and a slogan just like an actual industrial product.

By purchasing this box, you become able to produce various designs like the artist’s: ten like the poses, plus many others by placing the shapes in groups.

"Art can be as fun as sex"

Coloured pen on paper and googly eyes, 30x40cm, 2020.

A work discussed in San Francisco in 2017 with the friend @madeinconstantine. I finally made it real. Now I'm looking for a publisher for a "not suitable for child, child book"

"Coming Out" - digital poster, 2017
"Coming Out" - digital poster, 2017

opening the body, arms and legs. Taking space rising - and bending.

Surya Namaskara - sun salutation.

being in couple, in group. Connecting space between, toward. Against.

praying and meditating. Symmetry of the body. Upper body toward the air, lower body in/on earth.

occupy less space as possible. Being a point, making a circle. Resting.