Processes list

Fabio Tasso does Sculpture using self-made machinery built with low-cost components. The common point between them is the use of air, blown or sucked. The air, modelling a membrane, makes it lay down on multiple objects, wrapping them: when packaged, those become a single body.

Producing like an industry, this machinery leaves sculptures in the world as “residues”.

Even if the necessity that led to the creation of this system is unique, what the sculptor does could be done by anyone: the artist moves away from the ideas of “hand” and emotions in the creation of the artwork.

The artist is inspired by the prehistoric sculptures that, often remaining incomprehensible to us due to the cultural and temporal distance, 

appears only as perfect shapes, made with the material, technology and sensibility of the time. Who was the prehistoric sculptor is not important. This is what the artist tries to do: anonymous but universal sculptures, made with the materials of today, that study the space, the shape and the relationship that our body has with these.

For this reason, his works have no titles, but only cataloguing codes with all the information on the sculpture hidden. Without him, the only holder of the keys to read them, to codify them, it will be necessary to look for and hypothesize, as in a process of archaeological investigation.